Text 8 Apr Wait on that shit.

Lol, the Hip-Hop Handout will be absolutely jokes tomorrow- tune in from 12 noon at URF Sussex Radio

Link 7 Apr thehoodinilounge»

Yeah, this page is dope. Just have a wander around.


Video 7 Apr

Why talking the talk and not walking the walk is dangerous…

Video 6 Apr 1 note

Damn- thats raw bro. That’s hella raw.

Video 4 Apr

My bad guys- the team is a bit swamped atm- the music will flow ASAP. And I seriously mean ASAP haha- we only got one @blackinkmusic so give us a little *.* meanwhile- have these snippets and pre- order the becoming at http://meansunlare.bandcamp.com

Photo 2 Apr #powermoves #onmywaytoshowtsunamiwhatsportIPlay #yallaintready

#powermoves #onmywaytoshowtsunamiwhatsportIPlay #yallaintready

Video 1 Apr

Days at the studio #Thebecoming #theransom #yallaintready

Video 31 Mar

Listen/purchase: Waves by Glass City Vice

Have a listen- these guys are dope!
Actually hope to work with them one of these days- would be dope :)

Video 30 Mar

Kwayedza Kureya on his Luther Vandross Tip.

Cover : “A House Is Not A Home” 

Text 28 Mar 440,544 notes The human race ladies and gentlemen.


how dumb is it that we’ve created words we arent supposed to use

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